Collaborative Divorce
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Collaborative Law


Why Collaborative Divorce?
The Grace of Letting Go...

Ideally, you can work it out over the kitchen table (least expensive and least combative.) You can work with a mediator - but a mediator cannot give legal advice.  You can even go to litigation which can be costly both financially and emotionally. Collaborative Divorce Vermont creates an environment to help you negotiate a fair and legal resolution that meets your procedural, substantive and psychological needs during this time of transition.

Perhaps the best reason to work with Nanci Smith is she’s been in your shoes. She understands both the legal and personal side of divorce and the opportunity it creates for new beginnings.  Nanci outlines the options available to you and helps you set a course for success in your family relationships moving forward.  The most powerful lesson of divorce is accepting - and learning the grace of letting go.

“I want a divorce” never entered your mind when you said “I Do.”  It happens  - you grow apart, things change. You can either get stuck being angry or move forward and embrace your life.

Family FIRST
Discover the needs of ALL parties involved (including your own!)
Collaborative Law Vermont offers positive solutions for divorcing couples.
Reduce the emotional and financial toll of divorce to help you move forward .